Having your YMCA reviewed


Role of the Association 


  • Provides the Peer Review Team with access to staff, records and data for purposes of completing the onsite or virtual part of the peer review 

  • Maintains sole responsibility for the implementation of the corrective action plan following a KYS! and the action plan following the peer review.

  • Ensures the availability of the an individual from the Association to act as the Child Protection Lead to support and be a liaison with the Peer Review Team, as required throughout the term of the peer review. 

Role of the Association’s Child Protection Lead 


  • To participate actively throughout the peer review supporting the Peer Review Team as necessary. This couldinclude: 

  • Participating in the documentation review 

  • Assisting in the review of staff and volunteer files 

  • Acting as a recorder in interviews with staff or volunteers 

  • Participating in a site observation 

  • Coordinating logistical support to assist in travel to YMCA sites and providing coverage to allow staff and volunteers to be interviewed 

  • Maintains confidentiality for any and all information which the Child Protection Lead may be privy to through the process of conducting a peer review.