PROFILE – Child Protection Peer Reviewer




The peer review assessments (PRA) process is an initiative of the YMCA Guardians for Child Protection (CP) to elevate child protection practices throughout the Y movement. This is an initiative designed to help Ys move along the abuse prevention continuum by providing feedback on the day-to-day implementation of the abuse prevention measures outlined in the self-assessment (KYS!).



 To provide a second layer of accountability once a self-assessment (KYS) has been completed

  • To identify gaps between policies and practices with a child protection focus

  • To increase awareness of Child Abuse Prevention throughout the Y Movement and promote behavioral change to strengthen overall child protection practices

  • To provide a professional development opportunity to reviewers by getting involved first hand in CAP initiatives


Child Protection Concepts Addressed in the Peer Review:

  1. The Y’s policies and procedures convey zero tolerance for abuse and outline appropriate and inappropriate interactions between staff/volunteers and youth.

  2. Staff/volunteers consistently implement   the policies and procedures designed to reduce the risk of abuse.

  3. The Y consistently screens applicants   and members for the potential to abuse.

  4. The Y provides formal and informal opportunities to   discuss the importance of implementing abuse prevention policies to further sustain the culture of safety.

  5. Staff/volunteers have the necessary knowledge and   skills for preventing abuse (adult-to-youth abuse and youth-to-youth abuse).

  6. The Y systematically monitors youth, staff, high-risk activities, and facilities to decrease the risk of abuse.

  7. The Y provide parents, guardians, and the community with abuse prevention information.

  8. The Y minimizes barriers to reporting by ensuring supervisors/staff/volunteers understand their role in responding to adult-to-youth and youth-to-youth abuse and ensuring the response is child/victim focused.

  9. The Y leadership regularly reviews   abuse prevention practices and their implementation for relevance and to identify opportunities for improvement.

  10. The Y prioritizes youth protection as demonstrated by leadership, governance, and culture.


Core Functions

  • Participates as a member of the Peer Review Team; the Child Protection Peer Reviewer works collaboratively with the YMCA Guardians and other reviewers to assess Ys in relation to child protection policies and procedures;

  • Coordinates, collaborates, follows direction and accepts guidance from the identified Peer Review Lead assigned to ensure the peer review is completed according to YMCA Guardians expectations and meets the objectives of the peer review;

  • Collects and analyzes data to detect positive indicators related to compliance of established standards utilizing a keen sense of judgment and attention to detail;

  • Identifies recommendations and best practices to assist associations with potential areas of gaps and/or challenges that may be identified through the peer review process;

  • Participates in peer review group debrief sessions to review, interpret and verify peer review findings and articulate in written format through the report writing process;

  • Actively contributes to the preparation of a comprehensive report which will clearly measure the association’s compliance against the established standards.


Position Requirements

 The ideal candidate is a YMCA professional holding a position of influence within their Association including a demonstrated understanding and application of Child Protection practices. Preferably the candidate has provided leadership to the child protection initiative locally within their Association.


Recommendations for this position include the following:

  •  Minimum of 2 - 5 years of experience at a YMCA member association;

  • Provided leadership to their Association’s Know Your Score Self-assessment

  • Verification that the Child Protection Peer Reviewer has personally completed their Association’s YMCA Child Protection Training;

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal;

  • Comfortable conducting staff interviews and presenting results to senior level staff;

  • Ability to facilitate small group discussions;

  • A good working knowledge of broad operational areas within their YMCA association;

  • Understanding of health and safety regulations and practices as it relates to child protection;

  • High degree of integrity; ability to work with and maintain confidentiality of peer review findings and association information which may be deemed sensitive in nature.

  • Completion of Certified Praesidium Guardian training is desired. The peer review training and experience may count towards the Impact Project to be complete the CPG certification.  


 Commitment to Peer Review Process

 Association CEO endorsement to support the participation of the peer reviewer in fulfilling the peer review term which would include a commitment to participate in training.


  • Flexibility to travel and time. Each peer review will take from 1-3 days depending on the size and scope of the association being reviewed with additional time required for pre and post work;

  • Ability to participate in conference calls, reference group meetings and debrief sessions as required;

  • Ability to review, evaluate and provide feedback to the development of tools and resources as required.


Behavioral Competencies 

  • Teamwork

  • Commitment to Organization Vision and Values

  • Communication Skills

  • Relationship Building

  • Flexibility

  • Attention to detail